About David

I started working as a photographer 20 years ago, largely abroad and often in places where they were trying to shoot each other. It was exciting and fascinating; it was also a great honour to have seen my work published in the likes of The Sunday Times, The Independent, Life Magazine, National Geographic, Stern and Geo.

But when I got married and, in time, had two girls, I naturally wanted to spend more time closer to home.

Strangely, it struck me that some of the skills I had picked up taking pictures in war zones might be applied to weddings: the need to move quickly to capture a moment; the ability to work hard without being seen; and the skill of using pictures alone to tell a story and create a memory.

Fortunately, this seemed to coincide with a time when people wanted to move away from the forced faces of posed groups; more and more, they wanted to remember the whole day, not just one part of it and not a roll-call of those who had turned up.

So, my style of wedding photography is reportage story-telling, capturing the essence of the day; creating pictures that capture the precious moments and the joyous mood.

I still get immense pleasure from telling a story in pictures and helping people to create wonderful memories of their happiest day.

If you want to see my photo-journalism: please visit www.davidstewart-smith.com

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